• Can I use on Windows?

    • Yes, Reward is cross-platform. It was written in Golang with intention to support Windows users as well.

  • Should I run reward as root user or with sudo?

    • Nope, you should almost never use reward as root user or with sudo. The only exception is running the reward self-update command.

  • Is Reward free?

    • Yes, and it’s open source as well.

  • Can I connect to the database using root user?

    • Yes, run reward db connect --root.

Frequent errors

  • docker api is unreachable

    If you are sure Docker is running on your system, and you keep getting this error, you should check the following:

    • Make sure your Docker version is up to date and meets the system requirements mentioned in the Common Requirements section.


      Package managers provide outdated Docker versions.

    • Your user is not in the docker group, or it cannot reach the docker socket.

      • After you add your user to the docker group you will have to reboot (or log out and log back in). For more info go to the following link: Install Docker Engine in Ubuntu See the If you would like to use Docker as a non-root user section.


      You can check if your user is in the docker group with id command.

      You can make sure your user is able to reach the docker API running docker ps (without sudo).

  • Error: exit status x

    Most of the cases these errors are coming from the container or docker itself. Reward tries to run a command inside the container, and the exit code of the command is not 0, or the container exited during the execution. In most cases this error code will be a part of a longer error message which will describe the problem.

  • Error: exit status 137

    During Magento 2 installation (reward bootstrap) you will get this error code most likely during the composer install command. Composer installation needs a huge amount of memory and this error code represents a docker out of memory error code.

    To solve this problem, you will have to increase the memory limit of Docker Desktop. For more info see: Additional requirements (macOS only)

  • Error: unable to connect to beta: unable to connect to endpoint: unable to dial agent endpoint: unable to install agent: unable to get agent for platform: unable to locate agent bundle

    This error message most probably appears if Mutagen is installed on your system but the Mutagen Agents Bundle are not. Check your PATH (like c:\bin) and make sure mutagen.exe and mutagen-agents.tar.gz are there. If not, download the latest release of Mutagen and extract the archive. You will find both files in it.

  • Error: create failed: unable to connect to beta: unable to connect to endpoint: unable to dial agent endpoint: unable to create agent command: unable to probe container: container probing failed under POSIX hypothesis (signal: killed) and Windows hypothesis (signal: killed)

    If this error occurs, you can try to install mutagen-beta.

    mutagen daemon stop
    brew uninstall mutagen
    brew install mutagen-io/mutagen/mutagen-beta

  • Error: unable to connect to daemon: client/daemon version mismatch (daemon restart recommended)

    There’s a possibility mutagen was updated on your system. Homebrew update doesn’t restart mutagen daemon, try to run it manually:

    mutagen daemon stop
    mutagen daemon start

  • Package hirak/prestissimo has a PHP requirement incompatible with your PHP version, PHP extensions and Composer version

    If you see this error message during the Magento 2 installation, you will have to downgrade your Composer version.

    To do so, add the following line to the .env:


    For more information, see the Composer configuration.

  • reward shell stuck or frozen on Windows

    If any of Reward commands seems to be frozen or stuck, and you are using Git Bash on Windows, most probably you faced a known issue with Docker for Windows and Git Bash. To solve it, you have to use winpty (Windows Pseudo Terminal) using the following command:

    winpty reward shell

    If you are interested in what’s happening in the background, you can find more information here:

    • https://github.com/docker/for-win/issues/1588

    • https://willi.am/blog/2016/08/08/docker-for-windows-interactive-sessions-in-mintty-git-bash/


    If you try to open an environment in your browser and Reward’s certificate is not working, most probably you have to add Reward’s root CA certificate to your browser’s CA trust. You can find more information about how to do this in the documentation.

  • Error: ErrCannotFindContainer: container cannot be found: traefik on Linux using Docker Desktop

    If you use Docker Desktop on Linux you have to configure Reward to use Docker Desktop’s socket. See the Docker Desktop on Linux documentation page.

  • Error: error terminating mutagen sync: cannot terminate previous sync session: error running command: sh: exit status 1

    If you see this error message, you have to restart mutagen daemon:

    mutagen daemon stop
    mutagen daemon start

  • network reward was found but has incorrect label com.docker.compose.network set to "reward"

    If you see this error message, you should completely restart reward and remove any leftover networks. The issue occurs because of the different label handling between docker-compose v1 and v2.

    reward env down
    reward svc down
    docker network prune
    # if the above command doesn't work, you can remove the network manually
    # check for existing networks:
    docker network ls --filter 'label=dev.reward.network.name'
    # remove the network. eg: docker network rm reward
    docker network rm __network_name__
    reward svc up
    reward env up