Open additional shared http/https port(s)#

It’s possible to configure additional shared HTTP/s port(s) and proxy the requests to the PHP containers.

First, configure Traefik. Add the port to the Reward Configuration (default: ~/.reward.yml).

reward_traefik_bind_additional_http_ports: [ 8080 ]
reward_traefik_bind_additional_https_ports: [ 8443, 9998 ]

When it’s done, restart Traefik.

reward svc down
reward svc up

Open Traefik dashboard to check if the new port(s) exist in the entrypoints section.

Traefik Additional HTTPS Port

When it’s done configure this additional port on the PHP container as well. Add the following line to the project’s .env file. (It’s also possible to add multiple ports, separated by comma.)


And restart the environment.

reward env down
reward env up