Initializing Symfony#

Initializing an Empty Symfony Project#

  1. Create an empty directory and a Reward Symfony environment

    $ mkdir ~/Sites/your-awesome-symfony-project
    $ reward env-init your-awesome-symfony-project --environment-type=symfony
  2. Sign a new certificate for your dev domain

    $ reward sign-certificate your-awesome-symfony-project.test
  3. Bring up the Reward environment

    $ reward env up
  4. Create the symfony project in the php container

    $ reward shell
    $ composer create-project --no-install --no-interaction \
        symfony/website-skeleton /tmp/symfony-tmp
    $ rsync -au --remove-source-files /tmp/symfony-tmp/ /var/www/html/
  5. Install the composer packages

    $ reward shell
    $ composer install


    Now you can reach the project on the following url: