Docker Desktop on Linux


If you are using Docker Desktop on Linux your user is not going to utilize docker-engine on your system. Instead, in the background Docker Desktop creates a Virtual Machine with Docker installed on it. After that Docker Desktop forwards the socket of this machine’s docker to your machine in your home (eg: ~/.docker/desktop/docker.sock) and sets your docker command (using docker contexts) to use this socket.

You can check these contexts using docker context ls.

But Reward still tries to use the default docker socket (/run/docker.sock).


To change this behaviour permanently, you can open ~/.reward.yml and add the following line:

docker_host: /home/_YOUR_USER_/.docker/desktop/docker.sock

TIP: If you want to change the docker socket temporary you can set an environment variable before calling reward.

DOCKER_HOST=/home/_YOUR_USER_/.docker/desktop/docker.sock reward env ps