Initializing WordPress

Empty WordPress Project with bootstrap command

It’s pretty easy to bootstrap a WordPress project using Reward.

  1. Create a new environment in an empty directory:

    $ mkdir ~/Sites/your-awesome-wordpress-project
    $ cd ~/Sites/your-awesome-wordpress-project
    $ reward env-init your-awesome-wordpress-project --environment-type=wordpress
  2. Provision the environment using Reward’s bootstrap command:

    $ reward bootstrap

    This is going to create a new WordPress installation by downloading WordPress and configuring wp-config.php.

    It is possible to change the DB prefix with the following command.

    $ reward bootstrap --db-prefix=<somestring>

Importing a WordPress Project and initializing with bootstrap command

  1. Clone your project and initialize Reward.

    $ git clone git:// ~/Sites/your-awesome-wordpress-project
    $ cd ~/Sites/your-awesome-wordpress-project
    $ reward env-init your-awesome-wordpress-project
  2. Before running the bootstrap command, you should import the WordPress database to the DB Container. To do so, first start the DB container:

    $ reward env up -- db
  3. Import the database.

    $ reward db import < /path/to/db-dump-wordpress.sql
  4. When the import is done, you can run the bootstrap.

    $ reward bootstrap