Customizing An Environment#

Further information on customizing or extending an environment is forthcoming. For now, this section is limited to very simple and somewhat common customizations.

To configure your project with a non-default PHP version, add the following to the project’s .env file and run reward env up to re-create the affected containers:


The versions of MariaDB, Elasticsearch, Varnish, Redis, and NodeJS may also be similarly configured using variables in the .env file:







The components in an environment can be skipped by disabling these variables in .env file:

  • REWARD_DB=false

  • REWARD_REDIS=false

Customize a Reward environment to be able to reach another Reward environment#

To make it possible to reach another Reward environment, the container DNS have to resolve the other project’s domain (eg.: otherproject.test) to Reward’s Traefik container.

To do so add a space separated list of domains to the TRAEFIK_EXTRA_HOSTS variable in the .env file.

  • TRAEFIK_EXTRA_HOSTS="otherproject.test thirdproject.test"